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Florida folklore and storytelling at its finest.

Kids love surprises. Especially if it involves fun and even more so if it happens during school time. That's what happened last Thursday when the makers of the independent film "Lithium Springs" came through Apalachicola unexpectedly.

Local summer-school students were at the Armory for their daily recreation period when they were treated to a special showing of the film.

The film "Lithium Springs" is the result of several years in the making by independent filmmaker Carter Lord and his wife Teza, who currently live in ST Augustine. Carter wanted to make a film with a strong environmental message that was clean family entertainment, had kid-appeal, and yet would capture the interest of adults. Carter and his wife Teza boh star in the film, as well as theirt family dog Fred, a lovable dachshund.

It is a family friendly, comedy-adventure that tells the story of an offbeat treasure hunter by the name of Evinrude Jones and his trusty dachshund Fred in their search for the lost treasure. THeir adventure began when they stumbled across a small map that pinpointed the Fountain of Youth and a small treasure buried in the swamp by Ponce de Leon centuries ago.

Lithium Springs has a strong ecology and environmental them. WHile using nature, wildlife, magic woods creatures, the Florida outdoors and the spiritual nature of the Earth, Fred the dachshund ultimately demands the environment and ecology of FLorida come before monetary gain. Kids, parents and grandparents alike will enjoy clean water winning over litterbugs and environmental destruction.

Filmed in the central FLorida counties of Hardee, Hillsborough, Polk and Manatee, GInny SPrings near Gainesville and the Devil's Den near Williston, this clean wholesome and hilarious independent film is Florida folklore and storytelling at its finest. It is set in the woods, swamps, rivers and underwater caves of central Florida, mainly in and around the upper reaches of the Hillsborough River. Lithium Springs is a mythical setting and its true location is not identified by the filmmakers.

Lithium Springs has received many award and recognitions by Independent FIlm Festivals as well as favorable reviews the movie and film critics. Recently, the filmmakers signed with Dove Family Entertainment which will serve to further promote this delightful film.

Several of the kids stopped by to see Carter Lord after seeing the movie. They shook his hand, gave him a "high-five" or simply grinned and told him what their favorite part of the movie was. FOr Carter and Teza Lord, this unexpected stop in Apalachicola turned into a well received showing of their most recent movie.

You can learn more about the delightful movie Lithium Springs as well as Carter and Teza Lord and Fred the dachshund on the website at where you can also get your own copy of the movie.

By Paul Puckett - Chronicle Correspondent
The Franklin Chronicle
Apalachicola, Florida
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