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Every school child in America should see this film
I just had to tell, I loved the film. It's so pure. I think every school child in America should see this film..No, every school child in the WORLD should see it.

There aren't many films that are really good for kids, that have substance and aren't just entertaining or silly. But this film is one of them. Its rare in that. It has strength and substance.

It is real, and clear. When I was watching it, I was keeping up with the story but the next morning I awoke laughing about all the funny and interesting things in it. That is the mark of a good film. I loved all the characters - the cracker cowboys, the Man in the RIver, the Woods Nymph - you don't see that kind of stuff very often.

You should get a grant or find a company sponsor that works with kids and get them to send a copy of this film to every school in this country.
By Rama Malone
Educator; Artist in Residence
County Wicklow, Ireland
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