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Very Highly Recommended!
(Reproduced From This original article)
Lithium Springs. Environment

This quirky, offbeat independent film provides some interesting insights into the value of our natural environment. Retiree Evinrude Jones (played by director Lord) discovers a map (in a library book, naturally) to Ponce de Leon's long-lost Fountain of Youth and its treasure. Jones quickly sees that he alone recognizes the exact location of the loot and sets out with his dog, Fred, to find it. Along the way, Jones encounters the crystal-clear springs and streams, woodlands and fields of central Florida; old friends; a potential romantic interest; wood and water spirits; bikers; and unscrupulous developers.

This extremely clever allegory presents the choices one must make between the intrinsic natural beauty of the springs and underwater caves and the traditional lifestyles supported by the surrounding lands and the prosperity rooted in the destruction of the environment, i.e., development.

This is a beautifully filmed, whimsically funny family movie that contains a "treasure" for every viewer. It will resonate with those faced with one's environmental heritage vs. jobs, money, business, and parking lots. Very highly recommended.
By Library Journal
New York
Cliff Glaviano
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