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Indie 'Springs' worth a look
(Reproduced From This original article)
Indie 'Springs' worth a look
By Tenley Woodman
Boston Herald Features Reporter

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Ocean Entertainment Group Inc., $19.95, available now | Grade: C+

"Lithium Springs" is an eccentric independent film that makes up for its
shortcomings with a heartfelt message.

Evinrude Jones (Carter Lord, who also financed, co-wrote and directed)
is a down-on-his-luck Floridian who embarks on a search for Ponce de Leon's
supposed Fountain of Youth and abandoned treasure with his dog Fred.

The duo is led to Lithium Springs, an environmental gem threatened by
developers and sugar cane farmers. There they meet colorful, mythical wood
nymphs who plead with Evinrude to help save their sacred haven. What follows is
a bizarre chain of events involving messages about preservation and run-ins with
kooky locals, including a woman named Miok (Nina Royal), a Korean refugee.

The acting is rough at best, but the actors give their all. Fred the dog is
the most entertaining and versatile of the lot, but the cast is convincing in
their passion for conservation. Their fearlessness is refreshing.
By Tenley Woodman
Boston Herald
Features Reporter
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