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Independent Filmmaker Uses Local Spring
(Reproduced From This original article)
An independent filmmaker used the springs at Devil's Den in Levy County for part of the footage in his movie Lithium Springs.

There is an actual Lithia Springs in Florida. The movie's title plays on that.

Other than the springs in Levy County, another location that was used for some of the filming is Ginnie Springs in Alachua County.

The movie was just released. It is a low-budget, clever, cute, clean and entertaining movie.

The photography at the springs is outstanding. The underlying story is about a search for gold left by Ponce de Leon when he found the Fountain of Youth. Beyond that, there is a message about keeping Florida free from litter, over-development and exploitation. These messages are subtle and not preachy.

The story is a fantasy, which is fit for children and adults alike. Members of the sugar industry and theme park owners may be rubbed a little bit the wrong way by a couple of messages in the film, but people who want to preserve the environment of the state will find some encouraging concepts as they watch it.

One star in the movie is Fred, a dog who plays himself. Fred is the sidekick of Evinrude Jones, the main character in the story.

It is an independent film and has some of the artistic flavor found in that genre.

The director for the movie said this work comes from his heart.

“Much of the inspiration for the film came directly from time I spent at Manatee Springs, Fanning Springs, Otter, Hart, Sun Guaranto, Rock Bluff and Blue Springs in my earlier years, noted Director Carter Lord. “I am a Florida woods person and have an intense interest in the swamps, outdoors and springs of our great state. The springs are magic, as you know, and Chiefland sits right in the center of some of the great springs activity in the whole world. I've always loved Chiefland anyway.”

Lord said he has been preparing the film for four years. Two of the most interesting facts about the movie, he said, are that it was shot with a three-man crew and that it is a funny adventure, which is interesting and wholesome.

Among the stars of the film other than Fred Lord - the dachshund, are Carter Lord, Nina Royal, Henry Lawrence, Rebecca Renfroe and Lance Seler.

This 80-minute movie can be bought in a DVD format for $14.95 plus shipping and handling by going to
By Jeff Hardison
Chiefland Citizen Newspaper
Chiefland, FLa
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