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We love the untouched waters....
We love the untouched waters of Florida.
And kayaking in Florida is one of the best
ways to enjoy those waters. Nevertheless,
sometimes we have to stay indoors; and
when we do there still are ways to enjoy the
real Florida as we sit on the couch.

The independent Florida film Lithium Springs
entertains and shows off the best of Florida.
Lithium Springs is a remarkable folksy film
that highlights the enchanted water and land
of this great state.

This screwball comedy utilizes old folklore
myths, Florida stereo types, Florida history,
current event environmental issues, and the
natural character of Florida. The writer and
director blends these elements into a film
that is becoming a kayak cult classic to all of
us who occasionally have to sit on the couch
craving to be outside.
By Jeff Fabiszewski
Kayak teacher and adventurer
The School of Liquid Rhythms
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