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I really enjoyed it. It was interesting...
I really enjoyed it. It was interesting. It reminded me of a Brasilian myth from the Amazon. They have that belief in the forest people. If everyone would consider what the Lord has made - I mean the forests, the animals, the wild places - and just take care of it, we would have a better world. And if we donít take care of it, it's going to be gone. I think that 's what the film is about..
It's hard for people to understand, even for us in Brasil. The Terenas live in a huge jungle with many trees, they say the forest is big, we cant possible hurt it. But it isnít true. They just donít know because they havenít been anywhere else. It's hard for people to see the big picture. I really liked the movie. It's beautiful. Especially the dog. The filming of him was perfect.
By Marilda Arruda
Terena Indian
Mato Grosso, Brasil
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