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Biography for Carter Lord - writer, director, producer

Carter Lord spent his early years in athletics, winning 7 varsity letters at Harvard University before being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. After a career of “about 15 minutes” as a pro athlete, he returned to Florida and took a job in Miami with an import-export firm. He traveled in and out of Central and South America for 3 years, then quit and spent a year as a sailor on an ocean going tugboat. He is conversant in Spanish and Portuguese.

Moving “back north” to New York, he joined NABET Local 15, and began his career in the motion picture industry. He worked for 7 years as a grip, gaffer, cinematographer and director and, in 1979, returned to Florida to begin production on THE ENCHANTED, a 90 minute feature film shot in 35MM, recorded in Dolby stereo at EMI Borehamwood UK and distributed by Castle Hill Productions. It was finished in 1983. THE ENCHANTED developed somewhat of a cult following as an unusual Florida folk mystery and has played mostly on TV internationally and in syndication since the early 80s. THE ENCHANTED stars Julius Harris.

LITHIUM SPRINGS, his second offering, is shot again in central Florida. A fantasy-comedy about an offbeat adventurer’s quest for the Fountain of Youth and a treasure buried by Ponce de Leon centuries ago, the film takes us into a world rarely seen. One reviewer said it was the best footage of Florida’s wild places they had ever seen. Lithium Springs features former Oakland Raider pro bowler Henry Lawrence and is a clean, healthy, multi-cultural picture that is being enjoyed by parents and children alike. For more information, see www.LITHIUMSPRINGS.COM

Director Lord says, “I always begin with place, then build the story. I like hard, rough environments and people. My goal is to inspire and uplift through beauty, adventure, good humor and the exploration of the simple and primitive. I want to leave you enriched and feeling better. Though always focusing on the adult market, I work hard to make my films seeable for people of all ages. I attempt to respect life and reject meanness and cruelty.”